About Us

LookingGlass+Kryptos is the only provider of a cloud-based, “build once, access everywhere” platform that natively supports web, portal and mobile content management, identity management, social networking and application development. LookingGlass+Kryptos services more than 4 million end users today and has recently been selected by 35,000 education institutions as an engagement platform.

Cloud-based Platform

The LookingGlassKryptos Platform works on Cloud and does not need any hardware and software to run.

Automated App Push

After creating Apps, users can push them directly to the App Stores.

Self-service Admin Interface

Changing the name, color or logo or even adding new functionalities can be done on the go through a very user friendly graphical interface


It’s free

All the app creation by users is absolutely free!

Out-of-Box integration

LookingGlassKryptos Platform comes with out-of-box connectors to the most commonly known enterprise systems, data bases systems, CRMs etc.

24x7x365 Professional Support

You are not alone! LookingGlassKryptos team would work with you on your challenging app creation idea and provide round the clock support once the apps are build and LIVE on the app stores.

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