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LookingGlassKryptos for Education

LookingGlassKryptos platform is the most loved mobile application development platform across education sector. More than 160 schools, colleges and universities across USA, Australia and Canada use the platform to create their official mobile app for their institution.

Out-of-Box Integration

LookingGlassKryptos platform provides out-of-box integration to the most commonly known enterprise systems ranging from student information systems such as Ellucian® Banner®, Oracle® PeopleSoft®, Ellucian® Colleague®, Ellucian® Powercampus®, Jenzabar®, Campus Management® etc. to learning management systems such as Moodle®, Desire2Learn®, Canvas® , Blackboard®and etc. to email systems such as MS exchange®, O365®, google® mail etc.


The highly skilled LookingGlassKryptos’s support team provides round the clock support for any platform or app related issues. LookingGlassKryptos support team is available via phone, email and chat.


LookingGlassKryptos platform provides different security options ranging from AD/LDAP authentication to CAS or SHIB based authentication for apps dealing with private student, faculty and staff data.


LookingGlassKryptos provides an option to instituons for creating their apps in their own branding to maintain their individuality on the app stores. Students, faculty and staff of any institution can search for their app by their institution’s name up on app stores.

Do it Yourself

LookingGlassKryptos’s self-service platform allows institutions to manage, customize their mobile apps by themselves without writing any software code. Institutions get administrator access to change/modify functions like business logic, data template of their apps, and they do not have to depend on any 3rd party vendor to perform these activities. This saves institution’s time and money.

Our Clients

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