Unifyed Studio

Unifyed Studio is a self-service mobile app development platform which lets you create your institution’s app without writing a single line of code. It has various dynamic capabilities to change look and feel, display order and branding in your mobile app. There are multiple configuration parameters of the app that can be controlled from the administration interface of the Studio. The web based emulator on the administrative interface allows the admin to verify the behavior of the app on iOS & Android interfaces.


Cloud-Based System

Create mobile apps that meet your institution’s branding objectives with defined color codes, logos.

Student Empowerment

 Integration with enterprise applications enables viewing of essential information from ERP, LMS. inside the mobile app itself

Improved Student Engagement

 Self-serviceability lessens IT management thus saving cost otherwise invested in the same

Start to End Completion

Create, customize and publish your apps all by yourself without any technical knowhow of coding



Real time tracking of website traffic to understand the behavior of component groups of users apart from your user population


A bridge between college database and required applications on a network that prevents unauthorized access into the app


In-built staging and workflow for content creation, approval and publishing

Configuration Editor

Allows the admin to configure the applets and customize/edit the same at a later stage, for instance, updating the middleware, integrating RSS feeds.

Mobile Device Emulator

Mobile-shaped emulator to reflect all the changes and updates in real time as they would look in the mobile environment post implementation

Admin Panel for Tenants

User can assign admin rights to someone based on their role

 Audit/Activity log

Keeps track of all the activities that the user has performed including that of admins and contributors


How it works

In light of growing difficulties and the increasing time spent in developing, testing and launching mobile apps in separate environments, Unifyed created Studio, a unified platform to build finished mobile apps from scratch all on a single platform. With an exceptional range of self-service functionalities, it allows users without any technical knowhow to develop apps eliminating dependencies and faster implementation

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